Little Bits of Everything

This month has been different since I stopped working my side hustle. I haven’t updated since my last day there, as the photos will tell it has been a busy month. The first photo above is an embroidery done on my new Baby Lock Flare (mine was half-off due to a sale). I am really enjoying the machine and believe it will greatly help my quilting.

The photo above is of my new balcony, the door that led out to an empty rooftop had railing put around the roof to create a balcony. I’m going to use this to put 4 flowerpots for my dye garden.

I finally finished the tapestry I started last July on my Saffron pocket loom. I love how it looks!

Finally the lovely people helping out with my home have taken out some cupboards to create a space for my washer and dryer. Fortunately the washer and dryer have not been delivered yet, the truck broke down. This is fortunate since there were some problems with the wiring in my wall.

Okay, thats going to be about it for this update. I’m planning several quilts in the near future and have bought the supplies for these projects.

Remember to Live Life A Little More Abstract.

Plant Update

For a Dye Garden that I am planning on planting in the spring I purchased seeds from the Grand Prismatic Seed Company, which has amazing support. I did try for a grant to purchase grow lights however other candidates were chosen. I have two Ott Lights that some people claim can be used as grow lights, Grant Prismatic said that the spindly plants from last year were due to a lack of light. I planted 3 seeds in 5 pots for 5 different species of flowers, 25 total. These were the packets of seeds that contained 100+. I planted about 4-5 days ago and today when I looked there were some seedlings peeping up. The Ott lights are on the entire time that I am home, so at least 12 hours a day.