Personalized Bookcase Quilt

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I have always loved the look of bookcase quilts. I have decided to make a personalized spin on a bookcase quilt. It is one of my annual goals to try to read 100 books each year, I have recently started to allow rereads to count. Otherwise, I will never make that goal. What is more fun than combining those two goals? To do that I have started embroidering what will be the book spines with the titles and authors that I have read. I discovered that I can fit eight to ten spines on a fat quarter. I used a peel and stick wash away stabilizer so that the fabric was stable enough for the embroidery machine. I made sure that the stabilizer was on the far side of the fat quarter, so that there was plenty of room to cut the spines a part down the middle.

Since I do not like changing the thread, I decided to ensure that there were at least one or two other books in between each so that I will not have a huge chunk of the same color spines. There are a couple of series that I decided would be OK if they are the same color, so that is why all of my Shelly Laurenston books are on this fat quarter. I have decided to give myself about half an inch to an inch around each spine so I measured that out and cut each one out individually.

Since we have not even reached the halfway mark of the year, I am not going to worry about sewing the spines together quite yet. It’s probably going to be a couple of months before I do another batch of spines, so that I have enough titles to avoid embroidering a whole batch of titles right next to each other, on the same kind of fabric. When I do assemble the quilt, I plan on assembling the spines in the order that I actually read the books. I have trimmed the tops and bottoms of the spines, so that there is plenty of room just saw them together yet the books are not all the same height.

For a few of them, I have experimented with adding a different color to sort of look like fancy spines. Right now I have them in blocks 14 inches wide and I will eventually add a background color to the top so that the actual block is the same height. This is as far as I’ve gotten planning this quilt, it has been put on hold for right now, until I have read more books and until my Etsy shop is open. My Etsy shop will be opening June 2, 2023 and I hope to see everyone there.

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Promised Update Post

This post my contain affiliate links.

I know, I promised you an update post a couple of weeks ago, but here we go. There will be crafty content, most of this post will be around how I am monitizing my crafting.

The first two steps I took, after getting in contact with my local small business association to figure out how to legally set up my business, were to obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number (this cost over $300 if you are looking into the startup costs for a new business however they do state that it is deductible on your next tax return), and to obtain a New York State Tax ID. The New York State business website has a checklist of the other steps you need to take to start up a small business. In total it took me over 3 hours, and a few phone calls, to make my way through the paperwork. I still have to send in the ‘Doing Business As’ paperwork to my local county if I want to sell at craft shows. Another aspect is that I will be filing business tax papers quarterly starting in September since my business will open June 2, 2023.

The next steps were to set up an etsy site, which I still have to complete this weekend to open on June 2nd, and become an amazon affiliate. For now the amazon affiliate links will be primarily on my book review pages, , though as I start putting togeter tutorials I will be linking to the supplies so that people will be able to complete them with similar supplies to what I will be using. That is a another surprise for this site, I am going to begin posting tutorials for various types of crafting with step by step progress photos. Some are going to relate to items that I will have for sale in my etsy shop, but some are just going to be FYI, this is how I do this, type posts.

To begin promoting my business I set up separate Instagram and Facebook pages where I have been posting updates and some photos of merchandise I have been creating. Now to the actual crafting!

I have been busy creating Ear Cuffs and Progress Keepers. Right now each ear cuff and progress keeper is going to be completely unique, as I see if some styles are more popular I may be expanding into some items as production items.

This is not all, have you ever known me to stick to one type of craft?

I have also been making some lovely book page holders out of resin.

Also I have been experimenting with my brand label for a special product I will have coming out when the store opens, the version that Instagram decided they like the best is shown below, though the final product should be on spring green fabric.

Until next time, remember to Live Life a Little More Abstract!

Switching Tracks

Hello to everyone that has been reading my crafting blog thus far. I am going to be switching tracks a little bit and turning this into a blog with more specific information on the new business I am working on starting. To keep this blog more professional I will be taking down the 400+ posts I have already created over the next week or two. I hope to keep up with posts on my crafting progress, though I will be eliminating my commentary on personal difficulties. These posts have been moved to

Thank you for your support and reading my blog these past few years.

Please remember to keep living life A Little More Abstract!