Very Pink Knits Podcast

Very Pink Knits:

The tagline of this podcast is: “Where we turn knitting questions into knitting answers” and that really covers this podcast well. There are bits of their personal lives involved, just enough to make them seem human, but there are also a lot of questions answered. Very good, and I have heard great things about the teaching videos also available from  The hosts are likeable and friendly but they also tend to dive right into the questions.  There are ususally 2-5 questions answered in a podcast but the hosts are very aware of the time, so the shows are usually about 20 minutes long, which I find to be a decent amount of time.

The Woven Road by Meadow Coldon

I work as a Reference Librarian for a 2 year Community College.  This is one of three jobs.  Our part-time LTA-Library Technical Assistant (or Woman That Keeps the Library From Falling Apart) is also a knitter.  She is way more into the knitting than I am, since right now spinning is my complete love, with some weaving thrown in because I’ve always wanted to do that.  She (I’m just going to refer to her as LTA) is also really into listening to podcasts and other technological things that I have not explored too much in recent years.  I’ve listened to a couple that are more like stories or old time radio shows than what I thought of as ‘podcasts’.  However LTA’s enthusiasm for the Very Pink Knits podcast caused me to want to explore further.  Thank you, LTA, for this shiny new obsession.

There are very few that I am completely caught up with, so I am not going to give you an exhaustive list right now, however I am going to start a set of posts based on podcast reviews.  I try to scatter things out so I’m not talking about the same thing all the time, so I’ll try and spread out my podcast reviews also.  On with the show!

The first podcast that I Have managed to listen to all the way through is The Woven Road by Meadow Coldon. This podcast started out in the first few episodes with a lot of vulgarity that was thrown in just for the sake of swearing.  I dislike this intensely, if you’re going to use vulgarities use them for their intended purpose not just for the sake of being rude, but by sticking out the first three episodes I managed to find this amazing resource for things textile, archaeology, and just plain fun.  I especially found her experimental archaeology fascinating, I didn’t even know that this was a thing, I wonder if I should go for a second masters?  Well worth listening to, I hope Meadow Coldon can get on a more regular schedule!