Guild Class

I joined my local weaving and spinning guild!  Enchanted Mountain Weavers, they are holding an event to teach beginners about warping a loom and other techniques that will save the beginners a lot of trouble in the future.  I managed to get into this group, I was a little late signing up but they are wonderfully accommodating, and then I received the supplies list.  This reminded me of just how much of a beginner I really was and how many supplies I lacked (also how expensive they tend to be).

One of the main things that I seem to lack is a warping board.  They want from $45 to a 4.5 yard warping board to over $300 for a warping board that doubles as an inkle loom (this one can warp over 14 yards).  I am not really willing to pay that much for that little, and I don’t have $300 for the one I would buy.  Given these limitations I have decided to follow the instructions that I was given, from Weaving Today you can download an ebook that shows you how to make a warping board from PVC.  I am very lucky and my local hardware store is able to cut the PVC for me, so I really will only have to assemble it and perhaps sand down some rough edges.

With this new warping board, my rigid heddle loom, and some other little supplies I am looking forward to starting my new adventure into weaving and taking my first class!

Happy Crafting!