Nalbinding, Naalbinding, Needle Binding, Etc. whatever you call it, this ancient craft is a lot of fun.  There is debate if it is 1,000 or 2,000 years older than knitting, but this is  another craft attributed to the vikings.  While knitting takes two pointed sticks, Nalbinding only takes a needle.  There are Nalbinding needles for sale on etsy, but for now I am just using a blunt tapestry needle (mom uses them for plastic canvas).  I love the look of this craft, though it looks like garbage while you are making it (or while I am making it at least) but a tug here, a pull there and Viola:

Nalbinding 1 Nalbinding 2

I gathered my courage and watched a few more youtube videos, lo and behold I managed to make this:

Nalbinding Sock beginning

While I thought that this was a valiant start to a sock, I then found out that my Sombrero (as named by mom, of course) covers…a toe.  Well I will just have to change colors and make it bigger.  Why change colors, well it certainly isn’t because I ran out of this shade of brown..nope, its….um….a design element.  (yeah, we will go with that).  Most of the patterns that I am looking at, and yes there are patterns for this craft, state that a wool single might be the best fiber to use.  I am now thinking about spinning a wool single, thickly, for using with my Nalbinding.  It certainly is a thought.


I have decided since I have been in such a mood to learn, to pick up a few more new crafts!  At present I am fascinated by some of the older crafts that have been attributed to the Vikings.  The first of which is Lucet, a method for making a cord just using a two pronged object. Some people use forks with two tines bent or broken off, some use their fingers or a stick, I splurged and picked up a Lucet from Sistermaide on Etsy.


Since I had read a few articles and watched a couple of videos while waiting for this to arrive, I was ready to go as soon as it came in the mail.  After a few hours I was making a beautiful cord with even tension and no real holes.  Now I have a ball of Lucet made, not pictured, that I will then figure out what to do with!  Happy Crafting.