Japanese Stab Binding 2

Various BindingsI have been working on various forms of Japanese Stab Binding.  Specifically I have been working on different patterns and how to create the most interesting forms with the least effort.  As of February 2016 I have learned that I can break an Awl trying to go through paper, and if I just use a stabbing motion I tends to result in weird looking paper on one side or the other.  Also, if you do not tie the knot on the inside, where they recommend it, it tends to come loose causing trouble.  I am very proud of my results so far, since they are all made with scrap paper and thread I had lying around it isn’t too bad really.

I look forward to seeing where this craft will take me.

First Spinning

Various Threads Before 2015

These are the results of my first spinning attempts.  I used a bottom whorl drop spindle and any fiber I could get my hands on, so please don’t ask what they are, I don’t know.  Yes, those are ‘up-cycled’ toilet paper roll centers.  I haven’t gotten around to buying a niddy-noddy or bobbins.  The thread/yarn was produced between 2012 and 2014.