Working on Techniques

First, I am very excited that I was selected to be one of the testers for the Akerworks Schacht & Wooleewinder Bulky Bobbin’s .  I love my Ladybug, and I really love my Woolee Winder, but the Akerworks 3-d printed bobbins are so darn cute too! I am very excited to test this bobbin out and see how it works, updates pending!

Next, I am working on seeing how well Kool-Aid dyes wool without heat.  I have some liquid that I am going to put on wet wool and set overnight to see if it sets.  I also hope to freeze some and let the cubes thaw on the wool to see how that works.  My final experiment is to use some powdered sugar free Kool-Aid on wet wool and let that set for a few hours to see how well that works.  It really should be interesting and I’ll put up a Kool-Aid results post next week probably.

This mmerino unicorn toporning I created some beautiful rolags from the Unicorn Wool Top, that I forgot to get a picture of, from part of my March Box from Paradise Fibers.  In my spinning I tend toward the short forward draw, but since I had just an ounce of this fiber, and I really wanted to preserve it’s beauty, I decided to practice my long draw.  Now I remember why it’s so much fun!   The picture is from the Paradise Fibers Website, whose link is above.img_1542.jpg

Also, an update on the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival: I have my plane tickets and entry tickets for the festival itself.  I also ordered, and received, the book from the festival that contains details about vendors, what is going on each day, and so much more!  The picture to the right is my copy, the black thing sticking out of the top is my book mark.  The cover is just beautiful!  From the book so far I have discovered Taproot Magazine, I have the first issue on order to see what it is about.  I have joined the Ravelry group dedicated to the festival, from there I have discovered the Buffalo Wool Company and their wonderful promotion to support the Linus foundation.

Another Week of Spinning

I have been trying something new this year.  I have decided to try and spin at least 15 minutes each day and post my progress on Instagram, I really love my phone so I can snap the photo, tag, and upload in seconds.  The tag is #spin15 ; I think the official tag is much longer but this is the one I can remember so I’m using it.  Because of this I think that spinning will be one of my main focuses this year, but since my Ladybug is so very easy to use (and pull out) I think this will be an interesting goal.  Though I might have to focus a bit, for example tomorrow I’m on the go for about 13 hours and I am working for 13 hours the day after..this might not be too easy but I’ll give it a try.  At least plying won’t be too bad.

This week I am focusing on spinning fine and consistent.  I know, some variations in how the yarn is spun indicate that the product is handmade.  I am not striving for perfection, It will never happen, not to mention I haven’t even been at this a year yet, but I think I want this fiber to stretch pretty far so If I can create a fine and consistent yarn I might be able to knit fingerless gloves with it.  If it is too fine for that I have the option of cabling it or using it to experiment with shawls, something else I plan on working at.  Here is three days worth of patient progress, patience is not one of my virtues.  The fiber being spun are three of the puni’s found in the last picture.  I only have the three left, though I do have a couple of batts in the same colorway I hope to spin next.

Happy Crafting!