All the Crafts

This has been a learning experience for me.  I have put up a fence around my well cap, it is right beside my driveway and but trucks tend to run over it.  I put up the remaining two fence pieces by my driveway so that my garbage cans cannot easily fall into the ditch.  I warped and started weaving on my rug loom in the detached garage.  I can shoot crafting videos, okay so I’m still improving on that.  I also discovered that I can spin if I hold my fiber very loosely in my bad hand, to do this I am  using my electric wheel because I tend to tightly grasp fiber in my left hand when using my regular wheel.  Knitting is something that can happen (on larger needles) because I only need to hold the needle still in my left hand.  (Crochet is not going to happen because I pinch my project in my left hand while crocheting to keep it still, that still hurts)  Socks still are not going to happen, however I can use size 4 needles.


I finished two plying projects, the one on the left is the Shetland Moorit I started spinning last year for the Spin Off Hap-Along.  The project on the right is when I took a couple of lace weight yarns that I plied together to create about a fingering weight yarn.  I do not think that this will actually be a fingering weight yarn, however I think it will be a wonderful project eventually.

I was able to swatch for a mitered square blanket I bought a couple of  years ago, when a knitted afghan project is under $35 it is hard to resist.  I’ve also progressed to knitting a worsted weight shawl out of the Hedgehog Fibres Potluck in a really pretty orange.  I crowd sourced whether I should add on some black or just be done, it was decided that I do not need to add on black.


Finally I wound up lightly felting my 7′ shawl from my tri loom.  I took a photo before it came off of the loom, I will have a felting photo in another post.


It has been very busy here.  One of my supervisors is talking about starting procedures for opening back up, presuming that we will be doing this in Mid May.

Remember to Live Life a Little More Abstract, and if you are an introvert check on your extroverts!  Be safe!



Right now you must be wondering if I am capable of sticking with anything.  I am, actually, capable of sticking with things.  I am still spinning fiber into yarn, I have some 3 ply I plan on posting about later, knitting, using my Lucet (I’ve even started braiding my lucet into a rug but I want it to get further along before posting about that), and so much more.  But recently I have discovered Tambour embroidery, needle punch embroidery, and using Pin Looms to create small squares from samples of fiber to see how they would look as a finished product.  Yay!  All of those reminded me that I had some counted cross stitch projects (little kits) that I haven’t done.  This little hedgie just begged to be stitched up; so I did.  I have a little needle punch kit I might work on next and when they go on sale I hope to pick up a pin loom so I can see what my spun fibers would look like if they were to be woven.  I can hardly contain my excitement!  I am really planning on enjoying my holiday season.  The photo is blurry because I took the picture after it was hung on the wall.



Here is a much better photo of Hedgie the Finished Hedgehog.