Fall Crafting Samples

I cannot believe that two of the only crafts I did not make samples of are my first two fall classes.  Admittedly, I know how to do both crafts therefore I am not that worried about them, but still it seems a little silly.  For my first two Fall classes we are going to be making Plastic Canvas Coasters then Counted Cross Stitch.  I plan on using the same pattern for each of them, showing how with a simple graph you can use whatever medium you are most comfortable with, within reason.

The last week of every month is going to be designated as a ‘catch up’ day.  That way if someone missed a class or is struggling with something we can get them caught up to speed or teach them the class they missed, in brief at least.

After September, things start to get a little more complicated.  Starting with a celebration of National Spinning and Weaving Week from there we move onto the other crafts, from needle tatting, no sew pumpkins and weaving on a hula hoop (or pool noodle), and so much more.  I have managed to get a few samples out there, and once I have ordered and received some of the other kits we will see how far the crafting train can go!

To clarify, those are four photos of the same pumpkin, he just looks different from different angles.  The little colorful thing is a Needle Tatted Flower, and that is not a demented birds nest but a Hula Hoop Woven Basket.  It turns out if you pull the weft in too tight your rug does not lay straight.  It also turns out that it takes a ton of fabric scraps to make a rug with a hula hoop, live and learn.

I absolutely cannot wait until fall crafting.  This isn’t even getting into the kits I am going to order for November and December.  Spring should be a blast too, as long as interest lasts…which I think it should.

Happy Crafting!



Right now you must be wondering if I am capable of sticking with anything.  I am, actually, capable of sticking with things.  I am still spinning fiber into yarn, I have some 3 ply I plan on posting about later, knitting, using my Lucet (I’ve even started braiding my lucet into a rug but I want it to get further along before posting about that), and so much more.  But recently I have discovered Tambour embroidery, needle punch embroidery, and using Pin Looms to create small squares from samples of fiber to see how they would look as a finished product.  Yay!  All of those reminded me that I had some counted cross stitch projects (little kits) that I haven’t done.  This little hedgie just begged to be stitched up; so I did.  I have a little needle punch kit I might work on next and when they go on sale I hope to pick up a pin loom so I can see what my spun fibers would look like if they were to be woven.  I can hardly contain my excitement!  I am really planning on enjoying my holiday season.  The photo is blurry because I took the picture after it was hung on the wall.



Here is a much better photo of Hedgie the Finished Hedgehog.