February This Week

One of the weaving guilds I belong to assigned plaids as the winter program, I don’t believe that the other guild set up a winter program this year, Upon realizing that Wednesday is February 1st. I realized that I had better get started on this! I wound up a 12,6,3,1 non mirrored warp in 3 repeats for little bookmarks. I put the sett through the reed at about 15epi. Currently I am working on threading it in a straight twill through my heddles. I have not made much progress on warping up my larger loom, but I think I have another inch warped.

I had an opportunity to explore the local art studio that offers lessons and other activities. Since it was an open house event I made a little ceramic fortune cookie, and then I signed up for a 1 day wheel exploration to see if my weak left wrist will prevent me from using a wheel. They have amazing bisque to glaze at great prices. Including the studio fee all of the items pictured are under $25 to glaze.

I also explored their sister organization that offers music and art lessons. I got to play a violin, double bass, and look at other instruments. I ordered an inexpensive, but well reviewed, violin from Amazon. I plan on trying it out for 2 weeks and then returning it if it does not work out. If I do alright with trying this out I will look into signing up for lessons.

Finally, I have gotten around to exploring the mini electric wheel that I purchased using Kickstarter. I love how it is working out. While it doesn’t stick wonderfully to the table, the spin is nice and the on off switch allows me to keep the speed constant. It also fits perfectly in my Train Case from Namaste which is owned by Jimmy Beans Wool. On a related note I realized that I needed to get a replacement cord for my spinolution electric wheel.m which should be arriving relatively soon.

I have had a fun week of exploration, and I hope to have more progress next week! Until next time, I have a warm veggie filled stew waiting for me, Live Life A Little More Abstract!