Needle Sushi

Needle Sushi 2 Needle Sushi 1

I am thinking of getting into bobbin lace.  One of the main supplies is a lot of pins, it really is an interesting craft that I hope to learn sometime when I have more time and patience.  To that end, I needed a pin cushion.  Since I did not have a pin cushion but I do have a lot of acrylic yarn I decided to look up patterns to create a pin cushion.  I regret to say I do not know where I got the original pattern from, but I did modify it anyway.  This really simple pattern created a visually interesting pin cushion with as many different colors as I could imagine.  Mom thinks I should make these to sell, and I wonder how they would go over.  As you can see they hold a ton of pins, and are really sort of cute.  Oh well, I enjoyed making it and will love using it once I get around to learning Bobbin Lace!  The Joys of a completed, practical, project!