Medication and Progress

The crafting content will begin after *******.

Between fighting for medication’s and various appointments, I was not able to post last week. In the past two weeks I’ve come to understand that my antidepressants are really more of an anti-anxiety medication for me, and that it has greatly decreased the level of anxiety that I didn’t realize I was feeling. My psychiatrist and therapist have also come to the conclusion that I have a mild form of ADHD focused around organization. Due to this, I have spent this weekend testing an extremely low dose of an ADHD medication to see if it’s something I would like to take. I am going to take it tomorrow for work to see if it assists with my ability to focus on mundane tasks at work. Right now I believe that it has helped me to focus, as I pointed out at a weavers guild meeting yesterday: Usually I would think of some thing and five minutes later I would know that I thought of some thing, but then I would have to spend 20 minutes or more, sometimes hours, trying to remember what I thought of. With this medication, I can keep the thought in my mind even while thinking of other things.

I did finally pick up two diabetes medication’s. However, my doctor decided to put me on extremely low doses to see if she can adjust the medication from there. This does mean that my blood sugar is still quite high and as you can probably guess, I’m not happy. I do have an appointment with her in the near future, hopefully she can just put me back two doses near where I was previously right now it looks as though she went from my 300 mg of two different medication‘s to 15 mg of each of my medication‘s.

I did receive a diagnosis from the MRI on my wrist. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was that two of the bones in my wrist have been ground to dust. That was the actual phrase that the doctor used ‘ground to dust’. While I am a candidate for a surgery that would remove the bones in my wrist and have essentially my hand sit in my wrist joint, I am not going for that at this time. 90% of the time this does not pain me, so I do not see any point in having surgery until the pain gets to a point that I can’t stand it.

As you can see, the past two weeks have been pretty much focused on my physical and mental health. They are both getting better however, it hasn’t given me a lot of time for other pursuits. This weekend was the turning point for that, and while part of it was that I did have an extra day off I do believe a good deal of it can be credited to the new medication for ADHD. Onto the crafting content.


I have finished my first plaid plain weave bookmark, and I am currently working on a twill bookmark. I discovered that my folding plastic table will not only fit my loom, but it’s very good height for me to work from my usual chair. This has made weaving on that four shaft loom, much more accessible. Right now while on the loom I don’t see much of the plaid showing up in my twill. This is a 2-2 twill, next I am going to switch to a 3-1 twill and hope that the plaid shows up better in that version. This is not the only project that I’ve been working on, though the next one falls more under organization than crafting, the crafting will show up soon.

I have started getting ready for the planting season, though in my portion of western New York, I will not be planting anything outside until late May. That doesn’t mean that I would need to start my indoor plants that need about eight weeks to germinate the first week in April, which is coming faster than I like to think about. To that end, I am starting to get a germination station set up, as well as ensuring that the grow lights that I have will be able to reach the plants. I have managed to get some sorting and organizing done to make room by where the grow lights are, and I am very happy with how things look so far.

I’ve also started doing a little bit of spinning again, though not enough to show a photo of my progress . Of course, this is not all the crafting that I’ve been doing, I have also taken some scraps that I had, and used my Accucut to turn them into 2 1/2 inch squares. I use the green and white and hope to make shamrocks sometime in the near future.

I know, for two weeks work this isn’t a ton but I have had a lot of other stuff going on. I did manage to get the test in for the company, I hope to work with them some more in the future and hopefully let you know what I have accomplished sometime soon. That’s about the end of this update, so until next time, remember to live life A Little More Abstract.

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