Messages From the Universe, Received


Have you ever had one of those weekends where you realize that the universe has been whispering messages at you and you’ve been willfully ignoring them in favor of what ‘seems like the thing to do’?

That is what my weekend was like. I got off of work at 7:15pm and back to my new house about 7:30. I then started shoveling my driveway, I don’t have a snowblower because the big ones do not make sense for the size of my drive and the little ones wouldn’t go through the slushy/icy stuff anyway, so that the company could deliver my washer and dryer on Saturday. After about 30 minutes shoveling in the cold I had about 85% of the way to my cellar door cleared out, I would finish in the morning.

Setting 4 different alarms: Wake Up, You Can Shovel Now, Did You Shovel, and Seriously They’re Coming in 30 Minutes Shovel, I actually started shoveling at the second alarm. To clarify, You Can Shovel Now, is when the sun was high enough that I could see the driveway. After 10 minutes, and a decent amount of progress, my fingers were so cold they actually hurt. I decided to take a break. It only took me another 10 minutes after Did You Shovel to get the path cleared. I made sure I was presentable after Seriously.

The company called 15 minutes before they showed, he measured the area from the front door to the basement, that I told him was too small, and said that it was too small. Then he went to the basement to check the hookups, that is where we hit the first snag. The gas dryer hookup had the wrong…something to attach it to the dryer, and since the hose was copper and already kinked he wasn’t willing to hook that up. He said I’d have to get an electrician to come in to hook it up. I’m already thinking about not accepting delivery of the dryer at this point, but I need to do my clothes, so, okay, I’ll look into electricians. He brought the washer in and the dryer. He showed me the valve/flange/hookup thing so I would know basically what to tell the electrician. Then he starts hooking up the washer. The extension cord went over the top of the ceiling rails and dangled down, he asked if it had to go over, and I admitted I didn’t know. He moved it closer to the floor, I found out later why that was a bad idea, and hooked up the washer. I had to hold it angled while he leveled out the feet. I signed, he left. Then I started my first load of clothes, after looking at the instructions, etc.

Now things get interesting. This is an energy saver washing machine with high ratings on consumer reports, so it is not the washer’s fault. I started the load then went to the living room. It took a little bit of water flow and gentle agitation to get things started….then it sounded like the house was going to come down around me. When I mentioned this to my sister she told me to see if the noise carried all the way up to the bedroom, because if it didn’t then I could go up there when doing laundry. Alright, it’s a bit loud, I can deal with that. I went down to check and found out when it would be done, and put a bag of clothes on top of the washer to be ready when the first load was done. I tried to get a couple of things done upstairs and waited until the first load was complete. I expected a noise….but there wasn’t any things. I went down to check….only to find out that my washer had walked itself across the basement, dumping the load of clothes into the water that was leaking because the drainage hose had moved and the plug (remember the one that was no longer going over the rafter) was in the water. I unplugged everything and called the company that I purchased it from. They sent me to another person, who tried to talk me through leveling it (but I had found out that I only had 48 hours to make them take it back), and I finally found a person with the authority to get them to take it back, so they will be by the 16th to pick it up and refund me the money. Yay.

It was after 2 in the afternoon and I had two bags of sopping wet clothes, some dirty, some I didn’t know if the soap had been rinsed out. So I bagged every piece of clothing and most of my bedding up and went to the laundromat. There is a really nice one not too far from my house, right behind an Arby’s, and for about $20 I got everything washed and dried. Am I happy, no. Am I mad about this, not really. I will try to get one of the ‘off the grid’ camping washers and spin dryers to do my clothes for much cheaper. There was a little more.

My realtor called me to see if we could put off listing the house, I’d been having trouble getting my neighbor to plow like he usually would. I did find out that he had 2 losses in his family so he wasn’t in a good way. I agreed, we should show the house off to it’s best advantage, though I was quite disappointed. Remember about thinking with my head instead of what the universe was trying to tell me.

I’d been having minor problems with the old house four about 5 weeks now, nothing major but having trouble every time I went to check on it. This week was the last straw. I hadn’t realized that my neighbor did not do the driveway so I tromped through a couple feet of snow, thank goodness I wore two pairs of socks. Then once I got in things looked okay as I did the water test, but something made me realize that the house seems abandoned and that is going to cause too many problems if I’m only going once a week. It isn’t a big deal but I don’t want to write about it here and it isn’t anything that equals long term damage, but I noped out of the situation.

Long story short I called my realtor, asked her if she knew of anyone that could plow, deal with the situation and make sure that things are kept ‘lived in’ and list the place as soon as she could. I then called my sister, told her what was going on and that she was going to have to chip in (or pay for) whatever caretaker the realtor can find. So the universe was screaming at me and I hope that this is going to result in some positive change pretty soon (now that I listened). I’m waiting to hear if I’m going to need to do much more than check my mail each week, then I hope that this problem will resolve itself.

On my way home tonight I get a cheeseburger and a sundae. Not a great coping mechanism, but it will have to do. Hopefully I will get some motivation to do some kind of crafting this week, but even if I do not I hope you have a great week.

Remember to Live Life a Little More Abstract.

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