Not Much Progress

So, what happens when the temperatures drop below 0? Well apparently the water in the oil filter, which had been accumulating for years but the oil company didn’t drain even though we have a maintenance contract with them, freezes which means that oil cannot get to my heater. If oil cannot get into my central heating unit it does not work, which means that everything in the house freezes even the pipes. This is what I walked into on Sunday when I went to check on my old house. Naturally the company had been in the week before to get all of my stuff out so that the house is almost ready to be put on the market. So I had to spend Sunday waiting for the house to thaw once the heating company fixed theings. Then Monday I had to take the day off so I could wait for the plumber. Fortunately, I now know what I need to do each week to ensure that the water is healthy in my old house until it is sold.

Due to these circumstances I have not been able to make any real progress on any of my crafts. I’ll try to report back this weekend if I can get anything done. On a happy note I have three more garbage bags full of carpet backing to throw out! The first bedroom is looking much better!

Until next week, Remember to Live Life a Little More Abstract!

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