Life Update

This is not going to be too long, like my last post the first paragraph is about crafting content and the rest is a life update.

During the summer I did take three different craft classes. I managed the intermediate class on Sprang and then invested in the “Sprang Unsprung” book that I plan on looking into further when I have time to sit and concentrate. I also took a rug hooking class, this is not the same as latch hooking or locker hooking, and loved how quickly the project went. I then purchased some more Monks cloth and started working on my own design using some wool strips I had along with some handspun yarn. It is slow going but easy to pick up and put down. For August I took an Alabama Chanin style hand sewing class. This is not what I though it would be, however I did enjoy learning this embellishment technique. I also have decided, as a treat for coming to the end of this very difficult summer, I am going to purchase a Saori Weaving loom and start recording and possibly streaming my process for working with the loom. More to come on that in the future.

Fortunately I was able to find a house in my price range that I then decided to purchase. It does need quite a bit of work, however I choose to see that as an opportunity to get everything as I would like it to be. From a new roof with solar panels, a heater with air conditioner attached, etc. I am counting on the sale of my current home to finance these changes. It might be another 6-8 weeks before I know anything for sure.

Onto my current home. I know that I said in May I was starting to wet-vac the carpets. While that is sort of true, it is only this week that I am getting to the end of putting things in my storage unit. Furniture is going to have to stay in the house until I am ready to move. This morning I managed to dust the celing, walls, and fan in one room. Then I went downstairs and found out my dehumidifier malfunctioned. Now I get to go home, mop up spilled water, run the industrial fans I just bought, and wetvac the rest of the water up. What fun. Fortunately it is rubber backed carpet on concrete, so if the worst comes to pass the carpet can just be ripped up.

I will post again in the relatively near future I believe. Work is amazing, I am now down 74 lbs, with all of the stress that is amazing.

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