Half-Pi Shawl

IMG_2333So hot on the heels of my successful Pi Shawlette I have decided to use the general formula of the half-pi shawl as a basis for a design.  I began with a garter tab cast on, I also have 3 stitches on either end that are simply knit with patterning and increases between these knit sections.  After the garter tab was picked up I worked a double yarn over increase row.  I then had 17 stitches total, these were worked as a simple knit for three rows.  Another increase row was worked, then I began a Daisy Stitch section.  This was worked for 7 rows before my next increase row, again with double yarn overs.

This is where I began some slightly more intricate patterning, though the daisy stitch was interesting, and I worked the seed stitch for three rounds with a row of knit two together, yarn overs, following, then another three rounds of seed stitch, followed by knit two together, yarnovers, finally 2 more rows of seed stitch and another increase round with double yarn overs.

Right now I am on rows 31-60, there are 95 stitches available for patterning.  I believe that I will be working the Butterfly Stitch across this so as to create a wonderfully textured shawl.  Then an increase round, then I will have 191 stitches available for patterning, and I will be working 63 rows.  If I choose to add another section, I probably will so as to create a very large shawl, then I will have 383 stitches available for patterning over 127 rows.  By my calculations this should result in a shawl that is well over 60″.

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