Week of Progress

I did not complete any of my projects this week, however I did ensure that I completed a few rows on all of my currently active projects.

My Morrigan Shawl actually fared the worst of all of my current projects, simply because I am not certain that I am working the pattern correctly therefore I am not working on it too quickly.  At present I am also wondering if my second repeat of the pattern is going to be very confusing because I will have the number of stitches at the end of the pattern but I will be starting with the….nevermind.  I just reread the instructions and finally understand what I am supposed to be doing.  It’s a good thing I have not completed the chart even once.  I think that I am going to take some serious time and write out the entire pattern stitch by stitch then follow that.  It’s a Frogging Time!

IMG_2301.JPGMy shower poufs have fared better, I completed a third pouf.  I also crocheted a washcloth from the remains of the second skein, as well as receiving the new colors for more poufs.  I have started on my fourth pouf, this time in the correct colorway.

IMG_2292.JPGThe project that I have made the most progress on, not that it shows a lot, is my Sherlock Socks.  Since I am now using the correct gauge, and a pattern with much smaller stitches, this is taking quite a bit of time.  I am actually quite pleased with how much time these socks are taking.  They seem to be resulting in a much tighter fabric that should last me a very long time.  I have already started on the first toe of the first sock in the correct colorway for my sibling’s socks.  It is fortunate that this new pattern is an ankle sock, so that the foot is the largest part, once I turn the heel there should not be too much more to do.

Knitting socks is the bane of my existence, but I will not be deterred.  I had previously purchased 2.5mm Flexi-flips, this is a US size 1, but it is sometimes called 1.5.  I am currently using these needles to create a gauge swatch for a very nice ankle socks pattern.  The gauge is supposed to be 3 inches over 30 rows and 24 stitches knit in the round.  Since a gauge swatch seemed to be a good idea, they actually advise using 2.25 needles, I decided to cast on 48 stitches and work 40 rows.  This means that when I lay the round piece flat it should be 3 inches wide and about 4 inches tall giving me some room to make my actual measurements.

IMG_2291.JPGIf I get gauge then I will be golden, if my results are too large then I will have to decide if I am going to buy the smaller needles.  Should my results be too small then I will have to decide if the difference is worth buying larger needles.  So far I have discovered that I am, at present, not to a knitting skill level where I can do the traveling stitch trick I heard of where you slide the last stitch of the previous needle onto the new working needle so as to ensure that any inconsistencies are never on the same stitch and are less noticeable.  This is supposed to prevent visible ladders.  Instead I must be twisting the stitch or working it incorrectly each time as my first 10 rows have this spiral of weird stitches going up in two places.  If I were working DPNs (Double Pointed Needles) this would have been in three places.  The next 10 rows I skipped this, I am simply making sure to tug the first stitch on each needle very tightly to prevent ladders.  I like the results so far.

IMG_2302The final current project that I have going is the Miss Babs Yummy 2 ply shawl that I am making up as I go along.  I have decided on the feathers and fans pattern for the rest of the green section, I hope to complete 4 repeats of the 4 row pattern for a fairly distinctive effect.  As this is slightly stretched out you can begin to see the feather and fans effect of the stitches.  I love how this is turning out!

Until next time, remember to Live Life a Little More Abstract!



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