Perils of a Closed Environment

At my public library job I am required to work one Saturday a month.  My community college has me working every Friday, unless there is a break, and my private Catholic university has me working every Sunday, unless they are on break.  That means that I worked for 13 days straight, though one Monday was just 5 hours instead of 11.5.  Since the Catholic university is on break this week, I do not have work on Sunday, and last Saturday was my Saturday so I have two days in a row off!

However, on Thursday a student worker called in sick to work.  Then today one of my colleagues texted to see how I am doing, apparently all 4 of the professionals at the community college library caught the same bug as our student worker. This is the perfect example of how sickness can spread through colleges like wildfire.  This college just has commuters, not even dorms, so this is spreading just through the classes that he attends, passing in the hallways, working in the library, eating in the cafe, etc.  We disinfect all the time, but most pathogens can be airborne so wiping everything down takes care of 80%, nothing is foolproof.

So instead of taking today to get a lot of chores as well as crafting done, I am taking Zinc, vitamin C, and fluids to try and keep this from taking me down further than my weekend off.  I was planning on going to church tomorrow, since mom got sick and died I’ve been pretty sporadic, but I do not want to give this to anyone.  I hope I’m better by Ash Wednesday, but no promises here.

I am aware that some people can just sit in bed working on their projects, coughing, and sipping on their beverages…this is not me.  I am trying to sweat this out, curled up in bed listening to old Knitpicks Podcasts.  When I get up for a fresh drink, something to eat, and feed the cat, I sit down and stitch a little on this or that, but I don’t want to have to rip anything out so I am not pushing it too hard.

Oh well, such is life.  Hope your weekend is better!

Happy Crafting!


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