Bullet Journaling

Yes, I am well aware that everyone his writing about bullet journaling.  This is for a good reason.  In this fast-paced world people are extremely busy, unfortunately, they are busy to the point of losing track of their accomplishments.  Bullet Journaling gives you a chance to take a step back and figure out what is going on with your life.

The concept is simple and complex, the reality is completely free-wheeling.  A bullet journal is, in essence, a way to keep track of what is going on in your life.  Everything from how much water you have drunk that day to dates you need to remember can be put in your bullet journal. Some people find it rewarding to take a few minutes each day to writ down something of what they have accomplished that day, while others simply use the journal as a way to keep track of ongoing projects.

One of the overriding aspects of bullet journaling is that it is not done in a digital manner.  You can, in fact I have typed up and printed out several tracking sheets so that I can keep track of the information in a way that makes sense to me, keep your journal digitally.  By taking a few minutes to physically write down the information that you need you are better able to store that information in longer term memory.  Often individuals are using small journals and embellishing them to keep their interest.  The embellishments are not needed since the journal is just for you, but keeping track of money you are saving using a thermometer makes sense to me.

I will freely admit as my time becomes dear, my interest in such things wains.  Part of this is that as I get new ideas I try to keep track of too much and the entire purpose goes to the wayside.  The solution that I have come up with is quite simple, keep two bullet journals.  One will be for longer term goals, my list of books that I am reading for the year, the television shows I would like to watch out of nostalgia, and so much more. The second will be for my everyday tasks.  My monthly schedule, my list of current projects, things that I need to remember, etc.  Right now I have all of that placed within a printed out folio, that is not working very well at all.  I have to remember to pull it out (it is quite heavy and slightly fragile since the pages can get torn out at times), I have to flip to the right page, and write what I need down in it.  None of these take much time, but the entire process takes a bit of time and remembering, so it does not get done.

These are my personal experiences with the bullet journal, do not let my statements deter you in any way.  I plan on pursuing this so that I am better able to create a journal that makes sense to me.  I haven’t given up, so don’t give up!

No matter how you use your bullet journal, simply to keep track of what you have accomplished that day, birthdays, fluids, diet, goals, schedules, points of interest or more, this can be a useful habit to get into.  Below please find some of the printed sheets that I created, modify them to suit your own needs, if you do use them please refer people back to my blog, Thanks!

Bullet journal habit tracker monthly

Bullet journal mood tracker

Bullet Journal Stash Pages Cleared version

Happy Crafting!

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