Monday Midnight Spinzilla


I randomly woke up at 12:40 this morning, as I sometimes do, and upon realizing that it was after midnight and I was allowed to begin spinning for Spinzilla I sat down to do so.  Though my spinning only lasted an hour I managed to go through 2-4 of the rolags I had prepared and set up a nice base of singles before I went back to sleep.

This is going to be a problem this week, at 8 am when I am usually heading out the door I hadn’t even gotten dressed yet!  I did manage to get a lot spun, almost an entire bobbin, but I need to work to pay for fiber and fiber equipment, lol.  Since I usually arrive at work early I was almost ready to head out the door so I did arrive at work on time, actually still a little early.  It might be time to revise my college habit of setting timers, ‘now is when I need to shower’, ‘Now is when I need to get dressed’, ‘Now is time to leave for work if I want to get there when I usually do’, ‘Now you really do need to leave for work’, and the ever favorite, ‘Really, you need to leave now or you’re running late’.

This week is going to be a blast I will try and take a picture of my ‘before work’ bobbin when I get home and before I start spinning again.  My goal for today is to have 2 bobbins full, start my cotton so that I can wind my full bobbins onto weaving bobbins, and if I’m lucky start filling my weaving bobbins with my singles so they are ready to ply tomorrow, or Wednesday.  Since I only have 3 bobbins that work on my wheel (3 others semi work but they rattle really badly) bobbin management is going to be a big thing this week.  Also, singles should really rest a day before plying so that brings another element into things.  Oh well, I will persevere, and enjoy myself along the way!

Happy Crafting

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