Final Preparation Shot


This is the entirety of my setup for Spinzilla.  If I, by some miracle, manage to get all of this spun up, it is mostly merino and bamboo silk, then I do have some flax and other materials I can spin with.  I just realized I do not have my Charkha pictured, but I will be using that as a bobbin winder so I can mix up my singles for plying, as has been recommended in several of the videos I have watched on Craft Daily.

I have no real illusions about winning this competition, I am spinning rogue for my first year, but I do hope to make the monster mile.  This means that I need to spin 1, 760 yards of yarn.  Thank goodness plies count!  Last years Rogue Champion Holly Gillespie spun 18, 390 yards.  I don’t think I can come anywhere near that, but I will give it a darned good try!

Right now my next goal is to not wake up at midnight Monday Morning to start spinning, I would not be pleasant at work if that is the case!

Spin On!



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