Getting Stoked for Spinzilla

In prep for Spinzilla  I have my wheel a complete cleaning as well as trying out Double Drive for the first time.  I have to freely, and unashamedly, admit that I love my Ladybug.  I do hope to add to my stable of wheels in the future, but for now, she does Scotch Tension wonderfully, and has taken to Double Drive like a dream.  Eventually I will figure out how to do bobbin lead, but I am not there yet.  I do not know if this is fact or a psychological fallacy but I believe I can spin thinner in double drive than I can in scotch tension.  I like how much easier it is to control the take up in scotch tension (I don’t think I tied my drive band tight enough), but I can deal with double drive just fine.  The other probability is that by carding my fiber into rolags and then pre-drafting my rolags the fibers were better prepared for spinning and therefore I was able to get a finer yarn.  No matter the reason I am going to spin Spinzilla in double drive mode, and see what I end up with when I am finished.

Also to prepare for Spinzilla I spent last night and this morning plying all of my pre-spun singles so that I do not have any singles lying around as well as clearing off all of my bobbins to take on new yarn!


Only three of these bobbins, top left hand, actually belong with my Ladybug.  I have found that the three on the bottom left can be used with my wheel to ply or store in a pinch, when I am in a mood to not mind the extreme rattling they produce.

I do know that the three in the bottom right are shuttle bobbins, more on that tomorrow.

Happy Crafting!

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