Grapes Fiber

From a bargain basement fiber group on Facebook I picked up several ounces of a fiber package  called ‘grapes’.  The fiber was very soft, included some bunny and bamboo silk, so I had a blast spinning it up.  The pre-spun fiber is here:  grapes-fiber

I am still not very good at spinning locks, so I wound up opening them as much as I could and incorporating them into my finished skeins.   I tried to spin it all individually in sequence but wound up carding it all together into punis.  I will confess, I still have the bunny fiber off to one side.  I really hope to spin it separately or perhaps as an accent for some alpaca.

I plied my 2 bobbins of Grapes with some Tencel I had already spun up to create a neat effect.  The unwashed skeins are pictured below:

Three ply Grapes.JPG

If they change a lot after washing I will post another picture.  For now, these did wind up as just under 150 yards measuring about 12 wpi, putting this at a sport weight yarn (pre-washing).  I am very pleased with this product, though I do hope that washing makes it a bit softer.

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