Crafting My Days Away

I have not just been salivating over my loom!  I have been productive…I’m not sure what to do with what I have produced, but I have been productive!

It has been a great deal of fun learning more about my Ladybug and how she likes to work.  One of the main lessons I have learned is that she works best when she is well oiled and every part of her is as tight as I can get it.  I hate to admit I need a new screw for her orifice since I accidentally took out the original piece that sized everything down a bit. (That little plastic bead is in there for a reason, do not remove it!)  Other than that mistake on my part she runs like a dream.  Spinning ultra fine on her is not something that I have managed to perfect, especially with the realization that I do not knit, crochet, or probably weave, with ultra fine yarns.  I do realize that I can get amazing definition and beautifully intricate structures using ultra fine yarn, but shoot, I can also make some beautiful structures and amazing definition with fine or double knit (DK) weight yarns too.  Right now my yarns are falling around the 2-3 on the weight scale.  I did manage to spin up 2 bobbins that equaled over 250 yards

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