Guild Class

I joined my local weaving and spinning guild!  Enchanted Mountain Weavers, they are holding an event to teach beginners about warping a loom and other techniques that will save the beginners a lot of trouble in the future.  I managed to get into this group, I was a little late signing up but they are wonderfully accommodating, and then I received the supplies list.  This reminded me of just how much of a beginner I really was and how many supplies I lacked (also how expensive they tend to be).

One of the main things that I seem to lack is a warping board.  They want from $45 to a 4.5 yard warping board to over $300 for a warping board that doubles as an inkle loom (this one can warp over 14 yards).  I am not really willing to pay that much for that little, and I don’t have $300 for the one I would buy.  Given these limitations I have decided to follow the instructions that I was given, from Weaving Today you can download an ebook that shows you how to make a warping board from PVC.  I am very lucky and my local hardware store is able to cut the PVC for me, so I really will only have to assemble it and perhaps sand down some rough edges.

With this new warping board, my rigid heddle loom, and some other little supplies I am looking forward to starting my new adventure into weaving and taking my first class!

Happy Crafting!

Spinning My Heart Out

I am having such a good time playing with the merino I got from Paradise Fibers.  In addition to spinning just merino and plying with other merino singles, as is illustrated in the skeins on the left and the white ball, I really enjoy how the white merino singles cause other colors to pop out.  The three ply ball on the bottom right  in addition to the corriedale and merino skein on the top right really show off how the white makes the other colors pop.

I still do not really know what I am going to do with these yarns, though making a sampler with my ashford sample-it rigid heddle loom is looking better and better.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Crafting!

Crafting My Days Away

I have not just been salivating over my loom!  I have been productive…I’m not sure what to do with what I have produced, but I have been productive!

It has been a great deal of fun learning more about my Ladybug and how she likes to work.  One of the main lessons I have learned is that she works best when she is well oiled and every part of her is as tight as I can get it.  I hate to admit I need a new screw for her orifice since I accidentally took out the original piece that sized everything down a bit. (That little plastic bead is in there for a reason, do not remove it!)  Other than that mistake on my part she runs like a dream.  Spinning ultra fine on her is not something that I have managed to perfect, especially with the realization that I do not knit, crochet, or probably weave, with ultra fine yarns.  I do realize that I can get amazing definition and beautifully intricate structures using ultra fine yarn, but shoot, I can also make some beautiful structures and amazing definition with fine or double knit (DK) weight yarns too.  Right now my yarns are falling around the 2-3 on the weight scale.  I did manage to spin up 2 bobbins that equaled over 250 yards

Spinning Along


I have been having a blast spinning on my Schacht Ladybug!  In the beginning I thought that 3 ply yarns were all that I would create, but since then I have discovered the joys of 2 ply yarn.  While I still have consistency issues, the journey has been a lot of fun and created some beautiful yarns.  From the bottom up, the purple is a corriedale roving plied with a merino strand, the next skein is the same corriedale plied with itself.

From left to right the first ball is a pretty blue roving I got from Paradise Fibers (it has rose silk in it) plied with a white merino.  The second ball is the same roving plied with itself and a bit of a lighter blue roving I had from paradise fibers.  The third ball is a random batt I had lying around (It was  bit coarse and almost cotton like) plied with a merino.  All five have been washed so this is their final appearance.  As of the time that I am writing this post, I have NO IDEA what I am going to do with them!  Cowls, fingerless gloves, or weaving samples the possibilities are endless!  Such lovely dilemmas.

Happy Crafting.

Life is Looming

It turns out that the floor loom I was gifted with has a 50″ weaving width.  Since the beater it came with is 10 dent that means if I want to take full advantage of the width of the loom I need 500 Ends Per Inch-epi (if the thread I am using is 10 epi).  This is great, I am so very excited about it.  My mother’s handyman is going to get the entire thing fixed up, at some point.  Right now I am thinking that it may be ready for me by next spring or summer, giving me enough time to come up with an appropriate project and gather together the materials I might need.  Since there is no update on the status of my loom, except going nowhere fast, I do not have any updated pictures.

I have joined a couple of Facebook groups that are really neat, ‘Fiber Bargain Basement (De-stash)’, and ‘Fiber Artists and Yarn Spinners ‘.  Both are wonderful, though I have not purchased anything from the de-stash group at this time they seem to be good bargains.