Corriedale in Summer Days


I purchased a 4oz roving of Corriedale Sliver in the Summer Days colorway by WoolverineFibers.  I had spun up tiny bits here and there playing with my tahkli and the rich colors found in the roving.  To pass my idle time, I work several part time jobs so idle time is made the most of before sleep, I pre-drafted the remainder of this roving into fine strips that would be easy to spin.  Boy were they easy to spin!  Before I knew it I had spun up half of the roving and the results were beautiful.

Since I had half of it spun and many of the articles I had read expounded upon the joys of 2 ply yarns I decided to create this yarn as a 2 ply.  It is not perfect, but to be honest it isn’t garbage either.  I had to deliberately twist this into a hank since once it was taken off of the niddy noddy it did not twist back on itself.  This is the pre-washed skein and it might shorten up and twist more when it is washed, but for now most of a 4 oz section of roving created 148 yards of 2 ply yarn.  I spun it in a worsted manner, occasionally trying a long draw but mostly succeeding with a short forward draw.

Washed and sampled materials will be posted later, I hope.

Happy Spinning!

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