Right now you must be wondering if I am capable of sticking with anything.  I am, actually, capable of sticking with things.  I am still spinning fiber into yarn, I have some 3 ply I plan on posting about later, knitting, using my Lucet (I’ve even started braiding my lucet into a rug but I want it to get further along before posting about that), and so much more.  But recently I have discovered Tambour embroidery, needle punch embroidery, and using Pin Looms to create small squares from samples of fiber to see how they would look as a finished product.  Yay!  All of those reminded me that I had some counted cross stitch projects (little kits) that I haven’t done.  This little hedgie just begged to be stitched up; so I did.  I have a little needle punch kit I might work on next and when they go on sale I hope to pick up a pin loom so I can see what my spun fibers would look like if they were to be woven.  I can hardly contain my excitement!  I am really planning on enjoying my holiday season.  The photo is blurry because I took the picture after it was hung on the wall.



Here is a much better photo of Hedgie the Finished Hedgehog.

Needle Sushi

Needle Sushi 2 Needle Sushi 1

I am thinking of getting into bobbin lace.  One of the main supplies is a lot of pins, it really is an interesting craft that I hope to learn sometime when I have more time and patience.  To that end, I needed a pin cushion.  Since I did not have a pin cushion but I do have a lot of acrylic yarn I decided to look up patterns to create a pin cushion.  I regret to say I do not know where I got the original pattern from, but I did modify it anyway.  This really simple pattern created a visually interesting pin cushion with as many different colors as I could imagine.  Mom thinks I should make these to sell, and I wonder how they would go over.  As you can see they hold a ton of pins, and are really sort of cute.  Oh well, I enjoyed making it and will love using it once I get around to learning Bobbin Lace!  The Joys of a completed, practical, project!

Jungle Rug

Jungle Rug

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted, some things have been happening and I have not found the time.

This is the project that I spent the summer working on.  It is a latch hook rug, the seams are sewn with rug thread, a rubber backing was painted on and it was finished with a non-skid backing glued on.  The latch hooking took over 85 hours, and about a week of sewing, painting, and drying time for the finishing.  It was a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. This is the first really big project that I managed to complete.  I purchased a finial rod to finish things off and gave this as a gift.  Mom is holding the rod up behind the rug.