I have decided since I have been in such a mood to learn, to pick up a few more new crafts!  At present I am fascinated by some of the older crafts that have been attributed to the Vikings.  The first of which is Lucet, a method for making a cord just using a two pronged object. Some people use forks with two tines bent or broken off, some use their fingers or a stick, I splurged and picked up a Lucet from Sistermaide on Etsy.


Since I had read a few articles and watched a couple of videos while waiting for this to arrive, I was ready to go as soon as it came in the mail.  After a few hours I was making a beautiful cord with even tension and no real holes.  Now I have a ball of Lucet made, not pictured, that I will then figure out what to do with!  Happy Crafting.

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