New Supplies

Strauch Teasing Tool

This is my new Strauch Teasing tool from Woolery, it is clamped onto my rug hooking frame.  I really enjoy using this tool to blend my fiber scraps into pretty rolags.  Then when the teasing tool isn’t able to break the fibers down then I do not have to feel bad about throwing them out.  Honestly a Drum Carder that might break the fibers down is about 5+ years in the future so I’m not going to worry about it.  For now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy my rolags!

My Rolags

Constant Learning

Two things were learned this week:


A Niddy Noddy really is a wonderful tool for measuring and tidying skeins of yarn.  My Plied wool is 29 Yards after the messed up section is cut out.  One larger skein of 21yards and a smaller of 8 yards.  Very exciting.


When spinning bamboo silk, even if you can get it very pretty on the spindle, just wait until you have a wheel and can spin the very delicate thread onto a spool to easily ply later.  Anything else just winds up with wasted silk.  I tried to Navajo Ply the small bit and it just didn’t work.  I’m not going to mess with the rest until I have a solid plan in place, probably not for a few months or years.

Live and learn.  Mom: “If you don’t do anything wrong, then you aren’t doing anything.”

Yarn Cakes


These yarn cakes are wound from scrap balls I had lying around the house.  They are waiting for the arrival of my new Inklette Loom.  I decided to obtain an Inklette loom for my first loom since a rigid heddle loom with stand (at least the size I would like) would be about $412.  Don’t get me started on how much a countermarch or counterbalance loom will cost.  They are certainly a few years out on my schedule.  So, to sample what weaving is like while still obtaining a decent (hopefully) result I decided on an Inklette loom.  I know, I could have gotten an Inkle loom, but I am having enough trouble trying to figure out how to use 72″ strips let alone some that are over 100 inches.  Happy crafting, I’m going to coo over my yarn cakes for a while, so pretty!

Bamboo Silk


Remember how I told you I was going to get a spindolyn?  Well I accidentally lied to you.  I meant to get one, I really did.  Then I started reading some materials about how you can spin from the fold…well I tried it and I wound up being able to spin my silk!  I am very excited.  It is a very simple technique, if you fold a section of the fiber over your finger then gently draft from that folded place the fibers are not all in the same direction. This means that they don’t just slip apart like they were doing for me.  I have managed to spin an extremely fine yarn from this, probably to be plied with another thread at some time.  I am almost thinking of a three or four ply with this single, but that is for a day far in the future.  Hopefully I will get a Spindolyn in the future, but for now it is on the back burner.

Navajo Ply


With some of the single left over from my plying, I attempted  to Navajo Ply.

I really like how it turned out, it has an art yarn feel since my spinning isn’t very consistent right now.  Watching a couple more videos, I now know that I don’t have to create a nice short consistent chain, but big long loops to ply.  It will be fun to try again in the future.

Corriedale Ply

First Plied Corriedale

I managed to Ply 2 of my Corriedale Singles into a very nice ply.

Plied Corriedale

Okay, since I overspun in a few places I did wind up with this huge snarl in my plying.  After fighting with it for a few minutes I just went around it and plied the rest of my singles.  There is enough left of one of the singles for me to try Navajo plying, when I get up the guts to do so.  Right now I am going to enjoy my 2 ply yarn on the lovely decorative spool mom bought me.  I will also not do any more plying until I have a tensioned Lazy Kate, quite a while in the future I’m thinking.  Oh well, I’m enjoying spinning and getting the right amount of twist and yarn size.

Two More Singles


Tonight I spun two more singles from my Corriedale fiber.  Each one weighs about an ounce, the single on the left was spun second and the fiber was weighed before I began spinning.  They will rest overnight and if all goes well I look forward to plying them sometime tomorrow.

As you may know I am planning on exploring my new interest in fiber arts, from spinning to weaving.  Right now I am not sure if I want to pick up an inkle loom and see if that kind of weaving interests me or if I should just hold out and get a rigid heddle loom after I get my spinning wheel.  Oh well, plenty of time to decide!

Happy Crafting.